Time for something new

March 28, 2018


You are well rested, had time to relax and to settle. Those who forged in winter are now able to make their plans real. 

Now is the time - time for relationships, time for virtues and time for real answers to important questions. 


It's spring, everything is about to blossom. The forces that help Earth to sprout do assist us in blossoming up: colours, the first rays of sunshine and warmth let our eepest desires and best hidden dreams surface.


2018 is the year for realtionships - and never before has it been this important to be sure of who you are, what you are standing for and to take attentive care of what we have been gifted with.


The Guilde of Light offers various options of support_networking, exchange, coaching, answers, and fairytales. 


Treat your dreams like you would a golden, raw egg: mindful, careful, with joy, and action. 


For that, you need yourself, a little magic, and some assistance. Dreams come true because you connect and allow help. 


If you get the feeling that this newsletter is speaking to you feel free to contact Verena for answers for the new era. 


Happy Easter from Schilda, Angely and the coaching team!


Heartfelt greetings,

Verena Radlingmayr, Ph.D. 

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