His promise

September 19, 2016












The wonders of the world

appear true to your eyes

the wonders of the world

can be seen

because of you 

giving me your eyes

because of you making me see


You lend me your soul

so I can be kind

you lend me your warmth 

to take into my care


You share your world of

wonders with me

and with your gifts

you are setting me 



Your feminine touch adds

a meaning to


fills practical ways

with laughter and joy


Your tears and your softness

give a knight



to be

your belief and trust 

honour me


You are to me

the one I chose to protect and to cherish

my treasure making life so much



more intense, more colourful

more chaotic, more worth it

more rewarding, full of sense

a meaning worth dying for


You ended the darkness

brought laughter and light

I offer my world,

my trust and my care

and am only asking the love that



To me you are perfect and you will 

always be

so this is the promise I am

giving to thee:


You are mine. 

I will do what it takes

to make things work

I choose you to be

the one beside me

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