We all want the world to be a better place. A place with hope for a future; a planet cherished and respected so we have a habitable home. A place with peace and prosperity built on braveness and consideration for the next generations. 
All of us do want to have peace, to live in harmony. And we have so much energy, time and money going into good causes and betterment initiatives. We walk for female rights, we sign petitions, we carry on supporting Greenpeace or Amnesty. That’s important. 

There is another thing that’s important, another place that needs your help. Right now. 

It’s a place you are familiar with, a place you know well. The more familiar we become with our surroundings the greater is the risk of becoming blind o r used to the black spots. The place, the cause needing your help is here, right around your corner, right at your front door. 
To achieve our common goal of peace and harmony, we shall not forget our very own family, our very own colleagues, our very own nature. Because every single species is important: the woodpecker, and the weeds, the bees and the birds, the animals living in brushes and those dining up your precious front lawn. 

Sometimes it’s easier to support stopping the fight in the Far East than preserving nature just here, when nature destroys our garden plants. When it needs the space to breed where we want to build a home, a castel, a street, a power plant. 

Sometimes it’s easier to be kind and compassionate with war victims than with the people in our sphere. It is very important to make a difference where it hurts the most. Where we are involved daily. 

Help those who hurt you most. Be kind to the colleague you really can’t stand. But, you might counter, no one can stand her. Right? No, righteousness. And this is something very different from right. 

This is not to say stop supporting Greenpeace or Amnesty. This is a reminder that one big gesture can’t cure the world, but that you do have the power in you. The power to change, the power to improve, the power to make every single being count. 

There was a tradition in christian society called “indulgence”. In order to secure a place in haven people were supposed to do good by others, when they didn’t they risked punishment. Judgement day would tip the scales one way or the other, one being heaven, the other being hell. To prevent eternal punishment it helped to elevate your sins. It is not possible to be without flaws and failures, it’s what we learn from them that makes the difference. And while the idea of making amends is still valid, indulgence was an easy way out. It meant paying a lump sum (not a small amount of money, but just money nonetheless) and purgatory (hell’s doorstep) was a good way away. How that made the world a better place, we do not know. As we developed, indulgence was forbidden and maybe it is time to remember and once more learn from these mistakes. 
Beware not to indulge yourself. We all fail and there is no sin in failing. There is no way we can be perfect. But in order for us to have a planet – with water and intact nature, with air to breathe – and in order for us to be able to live in harmony with others, we need to take the necessary steps right here, right now, whenever we can. 

Do right by yourself and right by others. 

When you work in an office, office politics are your playground for goodness. You can be the one to elevate bullying and gossiping into support. You can be the one to be inclusive instead of exclusive. You can be the one to stop the rumours and address an issue up front. 

When you are invited to a wedding you can be the guest who simply is happy for the newly weds. Not Aunty Z who can not sit next to Uncle Y. This is not about you, this is about them, their start into a new life. This is about creating harmony. Making the world a better place. M

You can be the change by turning off the water while brushing your teeth

You can be the change being great and caring with your pet

You can be the change feeding birds

You can be the change and not forage every single mushroom or kilos of wood fruits

You can be the change by choosing nature over an investment

By respecting the fine folk when building

By acting with love, kindness and not least of all considerate.

Weigh every decision, every thought and every step you take considering the well-being of future generations. You cut a tree, you plant two others. You build a road, but not by changing animal routes or waterways.  Think and let your heart be the guiding influence. Be considerate. In everything – because you are important for the change. 

Really? Yes, and here is the proof. Choose the field you prefer: 

  • Proof 1: Physics – and the infinite possibilities telling us that we are all subject to information and constantly changing. Why would we be if not for the sake of all – mankind, animals, and the planet?
  • Proof 2: God – and the power he installed in every one of us: we are made after Him. Would He want us to destroy the beauty He gave us using the powers He bestowed on us?
  • Proof 3: Biology, and the knowledge that the human race is superior because we can think and question ourselves. Why would we be able to think and plan ahead if it weren’t for our power to choose the right path?
  • Proof 4: New thinking like The Secret, Dr. Dispenza, and many others – telling you you are the creator of your reality. Why would you be, if not to shape the world into a place of beauty, piece, and harmony?
  • Proof 5, for your children: Peter Pan, where they learn that fairies die when we say they don’t exist. That pour words count and our beautiful thoughts make us fly. 

There is proof in the beauty of a new born baby, the tranquility of untouched nature, and the early morning routines of animals. So please, be kind with everything there is. Every act counts: the smile to a stranger might make his day.

The kindness to your neighbours might end a feud. The love you give might be the seed that one day turns into the tree we all need to have breathable air. The animal you rescue might keep the symbioses between man and animals in balance. There is no man without animals There is no man without water. There is no future without us acting differently: considerate. This is more than just a plea, this is more than just words. 

Every act counts. The small ones are even more important because we need a critical mass to survive. 
Every act counts. 
Every good deed and every negative thought. You hate your neighbour? Your hatred filled eyes might just send him over the edge into suicide. You think the colleague deserves it? Might be that you become the victim of her anger, the anger fed by humiliation and continuous sneering. 

Consider.The options are always yours: you might let go and be neutral towards your neighbor. You could stand up and invite your colleague to join you for lunch. You might want to hear their side – because there is always another angle to every story. This is doing good at a very high level: right at your door step, where it counts.  
Be considerate, kind and never give up. I know you want to make the change. That you want to be able to breath fresh air, to drink fresh water – and have great relationships. 
Be the change and do what’s tight. Right here, right now. 

www.emc4success.com, (c) Verena Radlingmayr