Healthy individuality is the key to personal success and great relationships. I offer you support to achieve top performance in health, love and work. Our teamwork makes the dream work. 

Here is a list of issues where I was able to help others: 

∙ (Auto) Aggression 
∙ Allergies 
∙ Acne 
∙ vision problems 
∙ relationship problems
∙ depression 
∙ loneliness 
∙ exhaustion 
∙ eating disorders 
∙ communication problems 
∙ learning difficulties
∙ Stomach problems 
∙ Bullying 
∙ Problems with goal and decision making 
∙ Back/joint problems 
∙ Trauma

We know from top athletes that outstanding achievements are often the result of teamwork. People who work with me think of me as part of their team. They decided to learn from top athletes and get an expert for healthy individuality. By working with me, we can make your dream work, too.

Therapy is usually done here at the office. For people who can’t or won’t travel, therapy can be conducted via distance. More details >>>here.