Discover order’s healing power – everything in life has an equilibrium, a just form. I use bioresonance and holistic methods to help you feel balanced again.

Even people who are sure of their goals need support along the way. Take a look and discover the power you gain from harmonious order, from equitable balance and the magic that works when a soul finds its way. Experience emc4success – energy, magic and coaching for your success.

For over 5000 years TCM has been keeping people healthy – bio-resonance incorporates its principles and transmutes them in a timely, modern and efficient way. For if there is one thing I learned in life, it is this: it is the result that counts.

For a complimentary introductory talk, call the Austrian number +43-699-150 19 756, appointments are possible on site or via Skype

I’m here for you,

Dr. Verena Radlingmayr
emc4success–Energy-Magic-Coaching for your success

To bridge the time between now and your appointment, use the assembled resources online. Enjoy the poems hidden behind each photograph. The blog and information given.