A heartfelt welcome! My services include a variety of support for one goal: for you to follow your individual path and to never walk it alone.

Individuality as key to health, relationships and success

Since 2012, clients have been achieving results with me that enable them to follow their own path, to the benefit of both themselves and their environment, because I treat the human being as a whole. They enhance their individual competence to remain healthy, be true to themselves, to achieve their goal, and to have great relationships. 

One thing I know from experience: your individual goals and those of your loved ones go together. My clients recognise that creativity, humour and attention to detail are just as important as determination and trust.

In order for the tried and tested to remain and for new things to emerge, understanding, both communication and freedom are necessary. Even my books, poems and seminars are all about bringing individuality and relationships into balance.  

I promise you and your environment are going to be happier if you live according to your individuality. Working with me you will get strong support to stay healthy in your life and your relationships.

Dr.iur. Verena Radlingmayr