What Rapunzel can teach you

Rapunzel-as well as many other heroines-had been locked in a tower. An evil lady had closed her off from the world. She was not only kept from life, but also from love, care, and self-fulfillment. Maybe the lady was convinced it was enough she loved Rapunzel.

Aschenputtel, also known as Cindarella, had an evil stepmother who kept her from enjoying her inherited fortune and status. And a father who was unaware of his daughter’s distress.

And although neither of them had a choice, happiness found them. 

How? Because the prince climbed the turret and freed Rapunzel? Because Aschenputtel is gifted the right dress to enchant the prince? Maybe not.

To me, Rapunzel and Aschenputtel are the epitome of female strength and courage. Rapunzel did not stand at her window and plead for the knight to come to her rescue. She did not quarrel with life. She sings. But as love, a chance, comes in her window she embraces it. How courageous does one have to be to act as such?

And Aschenputtel, who is truly hurt, who mourns the death of her mother, bravely endures the injustice, still has an open heart and loads of kindness. As she is offered a chance to go to the ball-she takes it. That is courageous and strong. She did not let the ordeal get to her. If she had she would have told the fairy godmother: Thanks, but I am really not good enough.

What did attract ttheir respective prince-charmings? Rapunzels singing and Aschenputtel’s humble beauty. Their true core. The prince is attracted to a woman who is true to herself, loving, strong, and grateful. The prince was attracted by her true being. By the woman who trustingly remains true to herself, who retains composure and grace, who has an open heart. Rapunzel & Aschenputtel are strong, brave women. They are capable to master their fate, to seize a chance, and to love. Through all their stark and lonely existence they kept living the qualities of their hearts without a hidden agenda. And in the end, are truly blessed.

Verena Radlingmayr writes and coaches to inspire people to follow their heart.