(Feb. 2020) Should you happen to live in the south of Styria you may have realised that there was hardly any rain in the last year. Still, last November’s rainy period seems to have been ingrained in some people’s brains so their perception is somewhat blurred. That’s a warning signal and this blog addresses the issue of blurred perception, explaining what dulls the senses and how to cope with these factors without having to move into the rain forest.

Perception – definition, the good and the bad

Perception is different for every human and different in various species. While humans are able to discern a certain spectrum of colours, bats view others. Those who wear glasses know very well how blurred your perception can become. Blurred perception may be the undercurrent causing relationships to suffer. Communication fails, every word leads to an explosion, drama or deathly silence. Drifting apart seems unavoidable.

Most people have a tough time accepting their broadening perception. Over the last years we have become more sensitive. Sensitive is a word that no one wants to associate with themselves. Being sensitive has a negative connotation. The factthat there is a group of so-called Highly  Sensitive People doesn’t help the matter. Test for high sensitivity are criticised—and rightfully so—as the symptoms and perceptions described may as well be associated with clinical psychological issues. In addition, splitting people into groups has one major disadvantage: separation. By categorising people into groups you erregt walls rather than build bridges. This blog’s mission is to bring light into relations, to further individuality and this entry is of enormous importance to this mission and to Coe to terms with your perception and to fully participate in life. 

Broadening horizons

Our perception has become more refined. Especially highly rationale people find it difficult to accept that fact. I am a jurist, I do understand. Try to think of perception as something necessary to survive. When you instinct warns you, you listen. Manager, cops, forwards and everyone who  came out of a situation considering themselves ‘really lucky’ knows that instincts are the key. 

If you use vision boards and goal setting, you know that there is more than just matter. And that’s why it is important to avoid dull senses.

No more murky marbles

You need the full spectrum of your senses to thrive as individual. What dulls your senses—and more important: how do you deal with it without turning into an outsider?

1.) Video games: withdrawal from video games like world of warcraft is harder and less likely to succeed than crack withdrawal. There is a new trend in Silicon Valley where parents keep their children from all things computer. Here is the scientific background: until age 12 children are not able to withstand the addictive draw of video games and computers. In addition, screen time blocks important processes in your body: vitamin D3, serotonin, melatonin, sleep, and the connections between left and right hemisphere, what you studied is deleted and you have to start from the beginning. Pupils who are said to be poor learners in fact may not be. If screen time used to be a reward for studying, try something different and be open for positive surprises. Video games are said to have a negative influence on personality development. Parents of addictive children often use the word zombie to describe the changes in their child. 

2.) TV/print: you remember when product placement was criticised as they had a proven manipulative effect on viewers. The sudden longing for crisps, a softdrink or other products was the result of these placements. Advertisements and other content may be built in way to influence. 

3.) Social media: as with TV and games, your focus will easily get misdirected by too much liking and swiping.


Sharpen and train your senses and stay alert. If you don’t know how yet, get help. Let me know what it is you require and I will connect you with the right person.

Every trend creates a countertrend. In the 1970-ies, when smoking was hot, there was a group of people who refused to join in. Today, smokers are banned and shunned from most areas of life. You don’t have to fight a trend. It is enough to choose a different road for yourself and to stick to this path. 

Fight is an illusion. Every single change to happen in the world started with a role model, charisma, and meekness. Gandhi and Christ moved the masses, and so did Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Barack Obama. There is likely a person in your circles who is a little different and yet building bridges. You reach humans by focusing on the common ground, not the differences.

Be true to yourself and live the way that is right for you. Social pressure is a fact as is your competence. You have the tools needed to follow that path and can create an environment that will make it easier on your kids that you do. Actually there are quite a few people around who choose to create their own fortune. 

Dr. Verena Radlingmayr rights the Blog of the Guild of Light to assist humans with their individuality and help them build strong connections.