Knights and damsels


Straightforward, friendly, true to form – when I ask children about their values, they know what they want. My programs are designed to make sure they don’t forget their values.

There is no better protection for your child than being true to themselves. Stability from within is the only thing that stands between bad decisions, peer pressure and your child.

To be a knight means to take responsibility, to be hard-working, honorable, to stand up for the weak and to stay focused.

A damsel is not a princess, she is a self-determined, successful woman who is fully aware of her worth and the value of her femininity. She is integer, joyful and warm.

Both are intelligent and able to do anything.

What exactly does the program include?

A lot of magic – discovering your own magic is fun at any age. Learning the tricks of how to conquer fear or assert yourself is easy. And effective.

For several years, the program I developed has been running successfully, both in schools and individual sessions.