Imedis Bioresonance

Imedis Bioresonance

Imedis bioresonance is the tool I use to support my work. Why? Because you want to achieve results quickly and at the same time solve the reasons for problems without looking backwards for years. Look ahead, that is where your life is happening. The expert system Imedis has proven itself many times, both in my practice and in practices worldwide.

The basic principle of Imedis Bioresonance (IB):

The basic principle of IB is based on quantum and biophysics. The device and the client form a regulatory circuit. The device acts as a frequency modulator: it balances, strengthens or regulates frequencies and plays them back into the system (the human). Why does it work? Because frequencies are a foundation of life.

At first, we have an in-depth conversation. This helps to take stock, indicates which topics require attention and where the journey is headed.

After a thorough analysis of the situation we start with the Imedis treatment. During the treatment you sit in a comfortable armchair. The treatment is non-invasive, hence painless and you are not being touched.

After the treatment you will be given two helpers to take home with you:
1. Individual globules:
2. Card or map: the card is a short summary of what you want, with cleverly chosen words to support your goal. The map is a guide, a detailed presentation of possible solutions. It helps you stay organized and clear, and supports your personal development. Also well suited for young people.

Additional support is available upon request.

On site or remote treatment
Therapy and consultation usually take place on site. For people who do not want or cannot travel, the treatment is available over distance. The work is mentally made available to you.
>Prerequisite: I need all information that would be clarified in a personal conversation by e-mail. This includes surname, first name, date of birth, concerns, a picture. We can hold a conversation via Skype. Please send me an e-mail to