emc4success@work: 5 tools to advance your career

NLP, a proven management and personal development technique to assist with self-esteem problems, fears or to change unwanted behaviour, combined with quantum physics and frequency science is called ENLP©: Read on for easy-to-implement tipps for your success.


In NLP, we believe that you’ve got it if you spot it. In my experience it is often the nagging thoughts or the moments when envy roars through our system that we spot it, that we should listen and see the chance for personal development. In these moments we have the choice to develop a clearer vision of ourselves or to succumb to the negative emotion.

If we choose to see what’s behind envy we transform and unwanted thought into something useful. By digging deeper, we can let go of envy and appreciate the other person’s success because we know know, feel, hear and see what it is we want to achieve. By listening to the envy, taking it as motivator to shed light onto the reasons and the underlying need or desire, we can develop plan and shape a positive outcome  for the near future.


Where is the positive? What can you learn from a difficult situation? We all have to face people or situations we don’t like too much. Still, there can be a chance ein this particular difficult situation: what is life’s message for you? If you get it, your will be more relaxed and you are able to move on. To take it easy? To develop a sense of humour? To not take it persona? To be more resilient? To change job and get yourself moving?

As we all get more empathic and more sensitive to our surroundings, it is important to learn how to deal with situations and in a second step how to shield yourself from others. How to keep your aura, your field clear of interference. This takes some background information and techniques, and then can be used daily and implemented easily. 


Mind and body are one. Of course – yet we are required to expand our concept as we all consist of 4 level:  body, mind, emotion, energy. To be strong and focused requires taking care of yourself on all these levels. Think of it as a shamrock or lucky clover. Eat healthy, drink lots and lots of water, practice thought control, because every thought shapes your future. That’s the quantum field for you: your power, your magic if you want, lies in all you think, feel, are, do. So there is a music, a serenade, a symphony of tones, accords, frequencies that you create. be mindful of what the melody sounds like. The better you learn how to be mindfully focussed the more successful you will be at work as you become more focused, joyful, and in the flow. 


Understanding the differences in people will help you in many workplace situations. How often do we struggle because someone doesn’t get it or us? Maybe they are more into detail? Maybe they need to hear something? Or you should take them for a walk, because they are kinaesthetic. 
Understanding NLP helps you understand other people’s meta-programs. Because what you say and what someone receives is never quite the same. 
Our history shapes us as much as our characteristics and by understanding what to look for, by learning how the use of words gives you a key to understand the other person, you are more likely to be a great team player or even to advance into the role of team leader. You can bring together a team by understanding how each of them works and what their key issues are, how to address them. 


If you fail to make yourself understood or heard, you failed. Now use NLP techniques to learn from past mistakes in order to be better equipped to handle situations in the future. There are rules to clear communication as well as models to help you understand how to became an even great communicator. There is even a lot of useful material online, take a look if you please. 


The better equipped we are the better we perform. Stability in your performance requires an inner and outer strengths and a level of capacity in both communication and understanding of human needs. 

As you are influenced by yourself, by others, and the information you receive from your surroundings it is necessary to strengthen yourself, learn how to keep your energy field clean and how to interact with others. ENLP can be an assistant in your journey, an offering of development.

Dr. Verena Radlingmayr is founder of emc4success, author and coach. She researches the field of personal development in the light of scientific and holistic principles. Assisting children in their development is a core factor, while writing children’s books and teaching are a side benefit of her research. www.emc4success.com