Web Grace College connects Hogwarts and Havard. We all want a little magic in our lives. And that works better with the right methods and sound knowledge. You can expect knowledge and magic at the highest level from Web Grace College. 

Testimonial of an 8-year-old student participating in the early support program at elementary school Flöcking:“Yeah! Magic lesson! 

Scientists have proven that we need up to 400 repetitions to create new synapses. One method to shorten this process is enthusiasm or play – then it only takes 10 or less repetitions to learn something. 

At Web Grace, we put knowledge into a compelling package so learning is fun. For your children, your team, and yourself. 

“Thank you, Dr. Radlingmayr, for this lecture, great, solid and practical.” Feedback from a NWB participant.

“The communication training works. Before that I was so nervous when speaking in front of a group that I trembled. The communication training with Dr. Verena Radlingmayr helped me a lot.As part of my continuing education, I had to present my diploma thesis to my fellow students – I mastered this task very well and received positive feedback from the audience regarding my pleasant voice.I became much more confident when speaking in public and can now deal with my stage fright much better.Thank you very much! Daniela Reichmann, holistic expert and nutritionist