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Seeing the connection

Autumn – what is in store? What is important? What helps? This September newsletter is dedicated to these three topics. And at its very, very end…not telling yet. Have fun reading!

Autumn 2020 – what is in store?

This fall is different as each of us has had very intense months so far. The stress was higher than usual and the coveted months of summer didn’t bring the recovery that one would have hoped for. 

This is what autumn brings: 

  • more viruses
  • less light (negative for VitD3, regeneration in general) 
  • School and all the associated challenges (learning, contact with others, bullying, exam nerves)

Autumn 2020 – what is important?

  • Proper immune system
  • Proper boundaries
  • Proper balance

Autumn 2020 – recommendations 

After a year of ticks (Borrelia), stress and fears and a year of obstructed pulmonary function (wearing a mask weakens the lungs) it is important to take care of yourself. Furthermore, reduced social contacts also reduced physical caresses, hugs and warmth, which is especially the case with people living alone. A loss of social interaction in general and of hugs in particular weakens the heart, the immune system while increasing stress, which in turn may affect the kidneys. Prevention is more important than ever. 

Here are three tips for your immune system: 

Tip 1: Strengthening the immune system with micronutrients – I recommend the article by Dr. Kuklinsky (German, you can use or any other translation tool to understand it and if you are an expat in Austria, you already have the proper German names if you go shopping in the pharmacy.)

Tip 2: Forest bath: go to the forest, to a nearby park and look for a very old tree you like, a tree that appeals to you, and give it a hug. TCM doctors have been recommending this for thousands of years and Imedis bio-resonance has been able to confirm its positive effect on the immune system in a series of tests. What does your tree mean? Call me and we will find out. 

Tip 3: Pear compote – according to a recipe by TCM consultant Kathrin Fliegner with this pear compote the lungs are being moistened without moisture settling in your lower abdomen. So dry air from heating systems will be less harmful!

Wash the pears, remove the core and cut the fruits into fine pieces. Put all ingredients in a pot, cover with water and simmer for about 20 minutes. Pour into jars or enjoy immediately. 

Setting boundaries and keeping balance

Nowadays, self-protection and balance require more than masks and hand washing. You also need the mental abilities to cope with stress and protect yourself from energy vampires, people who suck the life out of you.  

In my course: Mental morals — respecting boundaries, setting boundaries even children learn how to protect themselves from information from their surroundings. Why is this important? 

Everything that is, is energy (or information). And energy is never lost. With the chakras, the energy centres of our body, we perceive the energies around us. Some of us are more aware, some less aware of this process. Like when sunbathing: one person notices the heat sooner, the other later. But the heat is always there. In the course you will get your mental sun protection factor 5,10,15 or 50 – depending on what you need. 

This course will again be held in individual small groups. So send me an email with your desired dates and we will find the best solution. 

This form of self-care is essential to maintain balance. Children are much more sensitive than adults, and we apply sunscreen to them more often than to ourselves. The same should be true for their mental sunscreen.

You can also find balance by being in harmony with yourself and the world – if you have a problem, please let me know. Loneliness, helplessness and illness are obstacles, but if you master the hurdles, then you will live happily ever after. 


Verena Radlingmayr

P.S. I owe the beautiful new layout of my business cards, traces of which are already in this newsletter, to the wonderful soul photographer Stephanie Defregger from Christchurch, New Zealand. *LOVE* You can find some of her work online: 

P.P.S. I also work online and internationally and yes, I am very happy that the world is such a village. languages: German, English, Italian. 

And it wouldn’t be a Verena Radlingmayr original if there weren’t a poem too


He ate what he sowed and nature offered
trusted even when he suffered
hope, kindness, unity
that’s how you grow old with dignity

Once upon a time, a long time ago
and soon right now another go
simultaneous and new
man will show, live, act and be true 
to himself and connected with others and nature

no longer believes in his we are alone stature 
for all inhabitants of this world
he keeps warmth in his heart, to love and behold
Once upon a time, they say
when a new era began
hope and expectancy
mingled with murmur and fury

but solidarity wins out
because man loves life without a doubt!

Injustice and weight gain

Injustice and food disorders – how nastiness makes you gain weight

Throughout my life I’ve encountered countless women and men complaining about their weight, telling me about their latest diet—from paleo to intermittent fasting— while explaining the latest in weight loss to me. Some of the advice included more discipline, likening to your body, not eating certain foods, more sport, getting your hormones under control, all to balance weight. Weight and body image are the sum total of various items. This article focuses on one that hasn’t been taken into consideration enough, an item with severe effect: injustice. 

Once, there was a man who went into law suit against his landlord. He gained 60 pounds in the process. Then, there was this girl who was part of the cheerleading squad. She quit, after a while, ad ever since she hates her body. Or, the pupil who is constantly bullied stops eating. S/he simply wishes to vanish from this earth. 

Injustice has the power to change your weight, your decision making, your habits, even your self-care and love. Injustice weighs heavily on us and when prolonged it can lead to severe forms of eating disorders, including binge eating, anorexia or bulimia. 

The next paragraphs explain what injustice is, describe its effects on body weight and diet and explain why prolonged injustices can be linked to eating disorders. It’s meant to inspire a new way of thinking but cannot replace any consultation with your trusted therapist


It is fascinating that throughout the world, no matter the ethnical or religious background, unfairness is what riles children and teenagers most. I work with school children a lot, both in workshop groups and individually, and whenever I ask them what their ideal kingdom looks like, they come up with very clear answers. Their values include kindness, protecting environment and being fair. They have a set of rules they follow and believe in and want friends with similar values. My work made one thing clear: nothing weighs as heavily, hurts as much as injustice. So why is that?

Justice is ingrained in us. We were all born with an innate sense for right and wrong and throughout life this raw diamond is polished. Pressure and experience make it shine. Injustice can leave a dint or dent.

Injustice is a behaviour that goes against 

– a person’s innate sense of justice
– a moral code or ethical standard held high by your community
– a law accepted as fair and just*.

The personal sense of justice can be a compass. Selfishness, ego, or fear can cause it to be distorted. As can a closed off heart. The less energy flowing freely in a heart the less able one is to relate to others, and the more likely this person’s decisions will become selfish, crude, adamantine or even malicious over time. 

Injustice can be caused by external or internal forces. Bullying, a bad divorce, a dispute between neighbours are all external. They encompass something that can be seen, touched, described and perceived by others. 

Internal injustice has its roots inside oneself. Here are two examples to explain the difference:a cheerleading squat putting pressure on a girl to loose weight is an external injustice. 

A girl looking at herself in the mirror and telling herself she is too fat would be qualified an internal injustice. Accuser, judge, executor and executed are identical in the latter case.  


I’ve seen people loosing their good posture due to constant criticism. As injustice weighs heavily on the shoulders, it is capable of deforming your spine. Some people find it hard to breath when faced with injustice or develop some form of rash or acne while others get bloated. 

Injustice makes you doubt yourself, destroys your faith in others and/or God and therefor makes you vulnerable and open for eating disorders. 

As Dr. Anita Johnston shows in her work, an eating disorder is what she calls the red herring, something to distract you from the real problem. Injustice can be the real cause of an eating disorder as it destroys the foundations one built so thoroughly.

Self-doubt, anger, feeling victimised or incapable, sadness, and (self-)hatred can be the result of injustice. Self-doubt makes you question your choices, unsure of yourself and starting to second-guess your inner wisdom. And your inner wisdom knows what you need, what is really healthy for you. Your inner wisdom will guide you through any situation. Except when your foundation have been rattled, shaken, or destroyed, you doubt your self. And start buying books and reading blogs about healthy diets.

A wisdom-guided person—WGP—will do the same thing, but with a different outcome. A WGP will read the book and decide for themselves what to take in and what not. A person full of self-doubt will follow the book to the letter, ignoring the little voice of warning that kale isn’t a great choice for them. 

Anger, if suppressed, requires a lot of energy. Something to hold the lid firmly on the boiling pot. Anger is an emotion o the liver. When anger needs to be suppressed one might feel a stronger affinity for alcoholic beverages. Or simply eat more so the liver has too much to do to worry about your anger. All the emotions cause by injustice will—if not addressed correctly—cause some implosion. Food is and always has been linked with comfort, relationship, celebration, and healing. So it’s understandable to turn to food when everything else has failed. 


As said, eating disorders are there to distract from a deeper injustice. Someone constantly breaking your boundaries, someone intruding on your innermost sanctuary, someone telling you again and again you are wrong. Being laughed at, made fun of, discriminated, when taken to heart will cause an avalanche of trouble. Because severe injustice hurts your soul. Remember justice in ingrained in us. We were born with the innate sense of justice and it is a part of our selves, our souls.

What you need to save your soul is to face the injustice. You need to learn the tools or get the help in overcoming the despicable game some out of synch characters a re playing. You need to free yourself, step out of the vicious web and get back on track. 

If you don’t know how, contact me. 

Power of thought

How thoughts make an impact: organic products in supermarkets are just the beginning 

When people went grocery shopping in the 80’s and early nineties they might have been interested in quality, but not in buying local or organic. Ever since, the organic market grew and European supermarkets started a trend of launching their own organic brands. This trend swapped from Europe over to the US and is reaching New Zealand, too. Why? How? It started with a thought. At one point, one person dared greatly imagining a world where organic products would be available everywhere, where such products would be fair and affordable. Maybe they turned anger and resentment into a vision. Or were just awfully optimistic. No matter which, they succeeded. Achieved the impossible. And it started with a thought.

Moving mountains

Impossible is a big word. It’s a no to your dreams. It prevents you from talking the first step into a new direction. Makes the mountain insurmountable. It’s used in companies to shut down ideas before they even sprout. It’s used by you inner critic to ensure you don’t dare and change. It’s used by parents, teachers, neighbours, friends. Impossibly well-meaning people. 

Doubt, fear, anxiety, a lack of self-esteem and self-worth stick to impossible like bees to honey. Rationalising is the grown-up version of the dream-killing impossible. Coming up with a list of arguments is the brick wall used to crash dreams on. You are a crash test dummy and the brick wall is a reaction of people lacking your vision. 

And they are not to blame, not at fault. It is your vision and it is your job to make them see, understand. To find those who can see the future your way. Endure. Persevere. Hold on. 

Impossible is just that. A word. What meaning we adjust to it is up to us. Instead of letting it stop you, it could be the challenge you need. It could fuel you with energy, creating thoughts like ‘I will show you!’

In the 80s, maybe even earlier, one person started a thought process that turned into today’s reality of supermarket brands for organic products. It started as a thought, an idea of creating the impossible. Turns out it was possible after all. 

The power of thought

Centuries ago, the greek philosophers knew that the power of thought, of perspective and perception, is as real as sunlight, caves, and fire. They advised their followers, their pupils, to be aware of the traps the human mind is lured into. To doubt the image of reality to create a better life for all humankind.

Fast forward a few centuries: at the beginning of the 20th century Swiss psychiatrist C.G. Jung came up with the idea of the collective unconscious. He showed that we are all interlinked, connected in a way that individual influences the collective and the collective the individual.

A bit later, Viktor Frankl, whose logo therapy postulates that meaning is an objective reality, built the foundation for a new outlook on life. Not just his own, but those of thousands, of generations. And the idea prevails, culminating in popular books like ‘The Secret’ or the Global Coherence Initiative by HeartMath Institute, an international effort that seeks to help activate the heart of humanity and promote peace, harmony and a shift in global consciousness

The idea has been redesigned and renamed, but the core principle remains the same: thought is impact. Collective thoughts are a huge impact. 

Complaining and fear are counterproductive 

Covid19 is an impossible situation giving rise to fear, anxiety, and complaints. Complaining about the situation and worrying have an impact. Beware of your thoughts: they have an impact, wether they are positive or negative. Your thoughts create n impact that will affect your children, your partner, your co-workers. Do you want them to share your vision of hope or your horrors? Your aspiring dreams or your lack of imagination? Negative thoughts have negative impact. To others as swell as yourself. They will hurt your soul, your goals and your stability. And will impact business life, success and focus, health and environment. The next generation. Negative thoughts are poison for the collective conscious and unconscious. Negativity is dripping acid into your soul, your neighbour’s soul, your child’s soul. 

Viktor Frankl, survivor of the Nazi concentration camp, chose hope, a positive outlook and  thereby inspired himself and generations of people to come. Even now, 74 years after it was first published, his book Men’s search for meaning is a constant bestseller. Why? Because we all need inspiration. We all need hope. And we all want to believe in a better future. 

Covid10 does more than cause anxiety and financial problems. It also inspires initiatives to create impact, togetherness, and long-term change. Recently, Stephanie Defregger’s and my topic proposal of ‘Kindness – Creating a future from the heart’ was chosen by participants of New Zealand’s first online Impact Unconference as one of the topics they wanted to hear. This conference made an impact because we all need to know that others believe, too. Believing in a better future beats complaining every step of the way. Believing in a better future is the antidote, the future. Because your thoughts and our future are identical. The same.

We chose kindness for two reasons: Stephanie is a firm believer in living from the heart. Touched and inspired by Mother Teresa, she is a living, breathing example of a kind person. I work with children to help them establish their own core values and was astonished when the two common denominators in the children’s answers were kindness and environ-friendly behaviour. The fact that children can imagine a world of kindness, a better future for themselves and our planet was inspiring not just for Steph and me, but shaping the program of the Unconference in a way water would shape its way towards the ocean, towards its destinations, towards destiny. 

It started small with but a thought. And affected 300 attendees, all the people watching the videos, you and me.


It’s possible. It’s possible to change the world by starting with a thought. Be as careful with your thoughts as you would be with your business, your baby, or your flowers. When dark thoughts creep in like poison, look the other way. Because where there is light, there is darkness. Hence where there is darkness, there is light. 

PS: Want to explain the concept for your child? Try Peter Pan… a happy thought makes you fly, a bad thought kills a fairy…

Dr. Verena Radlingmayr is a bioresonance therapist helping people adjust their balance in health, love, and life and coach for values. Her books and blog support the idea of strong individuals forming strong relationships and open your mind to new possibilities. 



Being quarantined for weeks is unusual. For weeks that feel like Christmas holidays on the loop: there are no stressful visits scheduled, but we are surrounded by a lot of comfort food to help with relaxation or serve as entertainment. Somehow it seems harder to resist the lure of cakes, chocolates and drinks. But why? Traditional Chinese Medicine, biology and upbringing provide some answers. In addition this article offers alternative choices and answers the question as to when turning to drink and food becomes dangerous.


In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) every organ is connected to emotions. According to TCM the liver not only regulates detoxification, sugar metabolism and blood supply, it also responsible for emotions of anger, passiveness, helplessness, having no choice, and change. Stress and pressure are hard on your liver. In extreme situations, liver together with the gall bladder shall provide the energy for growth and help as adjust. 

That’s the reason alcohol and greasy foods have a calming effect. They keep liver and gallbladder occupied and thereby dampen our awareness of the associated emotions.  

At least for a few moments sweet drinks, sugar, and desserts are a blessing. They activate spleen and stomach. The emotions associated with spleen are fear of the future, confidence, and (self-)reliance. Spleen and stomach together support digesting as well as  sharing or thoughts freely. 

A craving for sweet food isn’t always what it seems to be. The need for sugary things can be triggered by thirst. The body is only able to send the signal of thirst if enough water is left. Without water it has to send a coded message instead. I want sugar is code for: give me water.

Kidneys and bladder need water to function properly. TCM attributes fear, inner guidance, anxiety, and despondency to bladder and kidney. The more fear we experience, the more work there is for the kidneys. To keep up the good work they need water. If they don’t get it deficiency symptoms are likely to occur: cravings, fear, or bladder infections.


Endorphins are part of the brains chemical messengers, the so-called neurotransmitters. Neurotransmitters are adept at division of work, assigning specialised tasks to every group. Endorphins are released to reduce pur perception of pain. Our body also releases endorphins to make us feel good that’s why they were dubbed happiness hormones.  

Chocolates and carbs contain a lot of those happiness hormones. That’s why it’s so hard to remove them from our diet. 

Research suggest that our upbringing might influence the release of endorphins. Experience taught us that food makes one happy. We celebrate with food, reward  extraordinary achievements, heal heartbreaks with chocolate cookies ice cream, cure boredom with crisps, and if you behaved well, you got dessert. 

All this junk is now able to make you feel happy – because of your experience and its inert endorphin storage. 


All neurotransmitters do have a direct effect on the immune system. In recent years scientists were able to proof this effect. Fear, joy, shock, and pain result in a release of these chemicals. That’s not always a good thing. Psychological distress leads to cortisol release, which inhibits the immune system. The lymphatic system too is weakened by reactions to psychological factors. (cf Karger)

One must bear in mind that it is not only one’s own fear that is capable of provoking these reactions. Good mood, but also other emotions, are contagious. Quantum physics provides the explanation for this: experiments have shown that information transfer also works between cells (people) that are not connected to each other by telephone etc. Plants and trees also communicate with each other in this manner, which is shown in a BBC documentary. 

Fact is: others’ fear does not leave us unaffected. It is contagious, in both senses of the word. It grips us, and it weakens the immune system. Therefore it is important to address this fact carefully.


A healthy diet, sufficient amounts of water and conscious mental demarcation help. 

Healthy alternatives to chocolate are compotes, nuts purée, and smoothies. Dancing, music and a walk in the fresh air make you (and your liver) happy. A vegetable-based diet strengthens the immune system. In addition, the system (body-mind-soul-energy) uses less energy when processing food and thus has more room for external stress (psychosocial stress, electrosmog, fears, …) Deep breathing, good chewing and creative work are also healthy and support the liver. Painting, handicrafts, writing, making music are wonderful ways to relax or to get together as a family. 

All these ideas do support your organs and help you deal with emotions. 

Facts about addiction / alcoholism / eating disorders


One is not only alcoholic when one reaches for beer every morning. Forms of alcoholism range from the so-called episodic and occasional drinker to the delta and intoxicated alcoholics. It is difficult to define when someone crosses the threshold from enjoying a drink to being ill. 

Signs of addiction (alcohol, drugs..) can be an increased craving, altered social behaviour, loss of control and withdrawal symptoms. 

Women metabolise alcohol more slowly than men, the harmful effects are worse (source: WHO)


Eating disorders are on the rise in areas where an excess of food meets other factors, such as the pressure of being slim. The best known forms of eating disorders are anorexia, bulimia and binge-eating. 

An eating disorder is a behavioural disorder in which constant mental and emotional preoccupation with the topic of “eating” plays a central role. Eating disorders concern the intake of food or its refusal. They are usually related to psychosocial problems as well as to the attitude towards one’s own body (psychosomatic medicine) and can lead to serious and long-term damage to health. Eating disorders are often symptoms of a deeply hidden (mental) problem. If the cause is not found, healing is difficult or there is a risk that the addiction will shift. An eating disorder must be treated differently from substance abuse. Food is essential for life.

If food is the only consolation, your child is conspicuously little, or follows ‘scrawny’ role models, seeking help may be indicated. 

Sources: Dr. Anita Johnston, WHO, Wikipedia

Nature’s hidden habitants


Once upon a time, a long time ago the denizens of the world, who called themselves humans, knew they were not the only humans to live on this planet. We humans, to say the Fine Folk, Fairies, Littlies, we are the humans, considering. It’s a shame they stole this name from us. A shame. 

But, what is, is, muggles are just the way they are. Brash children, wild bantlings, naive rulers. Ah, what we haven’t seen, experienced, suffered, sustained. 

But those muggles, do they learn? We ask ourselves that—and think, and feel. Seem, it does, that too many worries make it hard to deny the supernatural as banal. Seem, it does, that there are so many fears that everyone feels so it’s hard to declare empathy, the ability to feel others emotions, a scam. It seems, it seems, that someone finally hears our voice and gives a little of her time and a bit of patience because we don’t think in linear head patterns but in those warm, meandering patterns of the flows of the heart. 

Yes we – the first humans. We are Fairies (and don’t you use those small letters, no!), Elves, Gargoyles, Gnomes, Light Shrats and Wood Shrats (not forrest goblins), Leprechauns, Faun, Flower Pixies, Devas, Sprites, and Water Beings, Unicorns, Dragons…. and they all have dark opposites. Brr. But we don’t talk about that today. Brr…Faugh!
We are many and we are always around. 

We have been here first. And why shouldn’t we take back what is ours? A nice pen, a piece of wire, licking some honey. Mm, we love that. But muggles – don’t. No, no muggles don’t.

Well, some are not monsters. But they are loud. So loud. So loud. 


L   –  O  – U  –  U  –  D.

Dragon of light with company logo – artist: pixabay, Logo: VR

Can you hear them? How their noisy thoughts are broadcast through the air? Can you hear them? How they slap and slap it all around, around? Everything is loud: them, their technology, their lives, even their deaths and passing over is loud.

Shhht. Some don’t go. They just don’t go. They die, are dead. And remain here. But why? No decency there. The animals have become noisy too. They carry chips, mechanical parts, and those are loud, a torture for them, for us. Hearts break. Are getting heavy. But humans can’t hear evermore. 

The Water Sprites cry. But who will help? Children forget their finer senses and become dull, so much so that everything in them denies, blocks, lampoons.


And some of the olde is true, when a fairy’s light diminishes because another child has lost his faith, it’s two lights that rise towards the heavens. Because the child’s soul too is light. It has been born as light and only in the light it can remain. Hence it needs to understand all of what’s at hand: The Fine World, Fairies, Elves, Gnomes, Brownies,…

And what is it you do with those unicorn figurines? Have your brains gone over board? Scandalous! Commerce, capital for the banks, looking at them is torture. The most noble amongst us so disgraced. It needed to be said this boldly. 

Once upon a time everyone had the wisdom of how to stay in our good graces. Forget haughtiness and false pride, instead show your highest esteem and gratefulness for everything and all, and our togetherness will be blessed. 

We are Nature
We are Life
We are the threads
we weave our world to yours again
not as you see fit, but as does a higher Sovereign

We are at your side in need
a piece of bread we please
we offer consolation 
and colourful ribbons we could use in celebration
we love laughing and music, make space, move a little

so we can come together in happy cheer
dance together throughout the year
as symbol of the reunion
come on, you knew this would be on!

We are real, as real as you
your inner guide will tell you what to do
to do right follow your heart
the best part, your heart. 



Relationships are the gift of the Gods and can easily turn into something else entirely. This blog intends to paint a picture of glories past and build a bridge between then and now so hopefully what was nearly lost will be known, lived, and aspired to again. This is a blog to remind everyone of the finer, subtle aspects of relationships. Because despite all the beauty and love, these have gone under. This blog post is neither a warning nor a scolding. It is a message to the hearts, the personalities and your relational field. May you be blessed with connections that leave you happy, fulfilled, and individual. 

There are a lot of people out there who are truly lonely. There are those lonely by choice and those lonely by circumstances. Never before have I heard so many people longing for a relationship and so many people fed up with relationships. And never before have there been so many people unconcerned about the environment. This is all related, we are all connected and we are in tune in sync, and symbioses with nature. 

Not true, you might counter. Because you see all these happy couples, you see families having a great time. You support those who fight against plastic in the ocean, and those who march for their future on Fridays. And that’s true. There is a lot of positive change, a lot if idealistic energy, and a lot of relationships. 

What’s lost

Once upon a time, love used to be a man’s greatest gift. He would be so honoured, so moved, so delighted, so careful, so wowed, so shaken by this one woman. He would court her, woo her and make plans for their future together. There would be no doubt in his mind, nor his heart. He would not have to think about wether he’d ask for her hand in marriage. He’d be sure. He would have to convince her that he is the man for her.

Once upon a time a woman had the chance to take a breath and have a look into the man’s character before giving in. She knew he would be tenacious, because he had a goal and that was being the man worth spending the rest of his life with her. 

Once upon a time, children grew up seeing their parents making a life for themselves based on love, trust, values, and common goals. They learned by osmosis how to go about life, how the finer aspects of a community work: with respect, boundaries, and highest regard for everyone’s individuality. 

Once upon a time, a fairy was a respected guest and their needs taken into consideration, not only for fear of retaliation, but out of respect. Once upon a time humans knew the world bond: that there is no living without Earth, that Earth can exist without us, but we can’t exist without Earth. 

Fine tuning 

When we think of being in a relationship we often think of love, or lust. About being parents. A mum, a dad. A friend or a co-worker. But what is a relationship? A relationship is the same magic that makes a flower bloom, it’s the loving energy that breaths life into the trees and creates a new being. 

A relationships is so much more than living together. It’s the fun and colours a woman brings into a man’s life. It’s appreciating a man’s one-mindedness. It’s giving a gentle kiss before s/he leaves the house. And one when s/he comes back. It’s making an effort to feel the subtleties and nuances and to create a reality meeting everyone’s needs. 

Fine-tuning relationships and reviving lost ideas is not about being a hopeless romantic, its about survival. We march for our future on Fridays and through a tin of coke out the car window Saturday. We march for our future on Friday, but getting there requires everyone to go by car. Not together. Because arranging a fix time for meeting has become so unpopular. Why would you, if you can message that you are here, now. 

We celebrate weddings as if there was no tomorrow. In some countries accumulating huge debt is considered a small price to pay for the dream wedding. Time and energy better spent on your future plans, your vision, your mission. Because as a couple, what do you want to achieve in life? Family, travelling, having lunch together every Sunday? Do you want to read over breakfast, or chat and talk?

A facebook post is not a relationship, it’s not even communication. It’s shouting a message to the masses hoping someone will feel addressed. You may like and comment how ever much you wish but nothing, nothing will ever transport the feeling of friendship, trust, or love the way direct, personal communication does. Or a hug. Or ringing someone because you feel like they could need a friend.

It’s about time to appreciate each other. It’s about time to see the differences, celebrate them, and be considerate of what this means in day-to-day life. It’s about time we see the magic in the blooming rose, sense the energy that makes a seed sprout and realise that the same energy makes love, relationships, families, the world go round.

Subtleties and nuances

Technology—as much as I love it—needs to be balanced by real, natural feelings. The blunt ones and the finer ones.

It’s those finer frequencies that are easily ignored, forgotten, overheard. Especially in relationships: some give too much, others too little. Overbearing, oversharing, overstepping, out of line meet coldness, indifference, or—the worst kind of love: indecisiveness.  

I have never seen people more heartbroken then when the person who loves them says: I can’t. I won’t. It’s better for the kids. It’s not the right time.

And I have never seen people more lonely than those who are ignored in the relationships supposed to nurture them. If needs are ignored or argued away. Logic, the cruel kind, kills love, and lives.

Subtle and soft. Silent and quaint. It’s the small gestures and the subtle changes. We can all come together in a crisis, but can we under normal circumstances?

Listen and sense

The energy that breaths life into a flower for it to bloom is a subtle one. A miracle. It’s the same miracle required to have a relationship. Appreciation, respect, care, tenderness, boundaries, work, to only mention a few, are needed to make relationships work. And at the root of it all lies individuality. Yours and your family members’. 

This subtle energy is not easy to describe. It needs to be experienced. It needs to be cultivated, learned, trained. It is the small gesture like touching your fingertip to the cheeks of the person you love. It is knowing how they drink their tea and prepare it just the right way. It is looking at a flower and gain some understanding from it. It’s being aware that we are all vulnerable, connected, and needy. 

Any time is the right time to reconsider the essentials. What you really need, what you really want to give. Shut off your mobile, your social media account and the hysteria coming from it, and take a breath, or a bath. Or invent something. Try to feel what those around you need and then define what you are willing to give. You can’t be everything for everyone, you can’t be their all, but you can be the world for some.



(Feb. 2020) Should you happen to live in the south of Styria you may have realised that there was hardly any rain in the last year. Still, last November’s rainy period seems to have been ingrained in some people’s brains so their perception is somewhat blurred. That’s a warning signal and this blog addresses the issue of blurred perception, explaining what dulls the senses and how to cope with these factors without having to move into the rain forest.

Perception – definition, the good and the bad

Perception is different for every human and different in various species. While humans are able to discern a certain spectrum of colours, bats view others. Those who wear glasses know very well how blurred your perception can become. Blurred perception may be the undercurrent causing relationships to suffer. Communication fails, every word leads to an explosion, drama or deathly silence. Drifting apart seems unavoidable.

Most people have a tough time accepting their broadening perception. Over the last years we have become more sensitive. Sensitive is a word that no one wants to associate with themselves. Being sensitive has a negative connotation. The factthat there is a group of so-called Highly  Sensitive People doesn’t help the matter. Test for high sensitivity are criticised—and rightfully so—as the symptoms and perceptions described may as well be associated with clinical psychological issues. In addition, splitting people into groups has one major disadvantage: separation. By categorising people into groups you erregt walls rather than build bridges. This blog’s mission is to bring light into relations, to further individuality and this entry is of enormous importance to this mission and to Coe to terms with your perception and to fully participate in life. 

Broadening horizons

Our perception has become more refined. Especially highly rationale people find it difficult to accept that fact. I am a jurist, I do understand. Try to think of perception as something necessary to survive. When you instinct warns you, you listen. Manager, cops, forwards and everyone who  came out of a situation considering themselves ‘really lucky’ knows that instincts are the key. 

If you use vision boards and goal setting, you know that there is more than just matter. And that’s why it is important to avoid dull senses.

No more murky marbles

You need the full spectrum of your senses to thrive as individual. What dulls your senses—and more important: how do you deal with it without turning into an outsider?

1.) Video games: withdrawal from video games like world of warcraft is harder and less likely to succeed than crack withdrawal. There is a new trend in Silicon Valley where parents keep their children from all things computer. Here is the scientific background: until age 12 children are not able to withstand the addictive draw of video games and computers. In addition, screen time blocks important processes in your body: vitamin D3, serotonin, melatonin, sleep, and the connections between left and right hemisphere, what you studied is deleted and you have to start from the beginning. Pupils who are said to be poor learners in fact may not be. If screen time used to be a reward for studying, try something different and be open for positive surprises. Video games are said to have a negative influence on personality development. Parents of addictive children often use the word zombie to describe the changes in their child. 

2.) TV/print: you remember when product placement was criticised as they had a proven manipulative effect on viewers. The sudden longing for crisps, a softdrink or other products was the result of these placements. Advertisements and other content may be built in way to influence. 

3.) Social media: as with TV and games, your focus will easily get misdirected by too much liking and swiping.


Sharpen and train your senses and stay alert. If you don’t know how yet, get help. Let me know what it is you require and I will connect you with the right person.

Every trend creates a countertrend. In the 1970-ies, when smoking was hot, there was a group of people who refused to join in. Today, smokers are banned and shunned from most areas of life. You don’t have to fight a trend. It is enough to choose a different road for yourself and to stick to this path. 

Fight is an illusion. Every single change to happen in the world started with a role model, charisma, and meekness. Gandhi and Christ moved the masses, and so did Martin Luther King, Mother Teresa and Barack Obama. There is likely a person in your circles who is a little different and yet building bridges. You reach humans by focusing on the common ground, not the differences.

Be true to yourself and live the way that is right for you. Social pressure is a fact as is your competence. You have the tools needed to follow that path and can create an environment that will make it easier on your kids that you do. Actually there are quite a few people around who choose to create their own fortune. 

Dr. Verena Radlingmayr rights the Blog of the Guild of Light to assist humans with their individuality and help them build strong connections.

Do you have to hit the bottom?

Do you have to hit the bottom?

We often hear stories about someone who hit the bottom, lost it all or had to overcome a life-threatening disease. We admire these people, admire their strengths and are willing to accept them as heroes. As we should. 

As it is, those extraordinary people are teaching us a wonderful lesson: we have the ability to overcome any obstacles life is putting in front of us. 

Still, as I see those stories and how some people are influenced by said stories, I do get the impression that people sometimes get the wrong message. Before I tell you what this message is, let me explain the circumstances. 

Life is a teacher. And life means well. Do you remember those teachers back in school you really respected? They treated you fair, demanded the best you had to give, respecting your boundaries but never letting you get away with less than they knew you could do?

I did have such a teacher and honest to God: sometimes she annoyed the hell out of me. Life can be the same. We are in the middle of a global change expanding our range of capabilities. But do we know what we are capable of? Do we even realize that we have a lot more tools, more internal knowledge, and more features we can use? Sometimes we don‘t. 

Life – or whatever you call it, the Force, God, inner guidance – sees us and is dealing us the cards we are capable dealing with. Only we think we can‘t. The very fact makes for a rather stressful situation.

Combine this with the ongoing change – and change is never easy on any one – and you already feel exhausted just trying to align the facts. In such a situation it is easy to mix things up. To get it wrong. 

And while I like a story of empowerment and victory as much as the next person, I don‘t want you to get the wrong message.

You don‘t have to loose it all. You don‘t have to give everything up. You just have to be true to yourself and your path, your way. 

To paint a picture: think of what you want as a particular mountain top. Some of us have chosen the wrong path, a path to another mountain top. Hence, they are heading up a path that‘s not suitable. It is either too steep, too cold, too hot or just not right. 

If you figure that out, you have two options: follow the path, because your are already up quite a bit, or going to find your path. 

Option one is considered the easier choice. And sometimes even considered the right choice. As you have found a partner accepted by your social environment, as you are living a good life you should not give it up. People will frown on your thoughts and explain why you are wrong. 

You are requested to ignore the feeling of uneasiness, the desire, even a strong urge to get it right. Because it will pass, it‘s just a bleep. 

That‘s because right now there a just a few people willing to risk living a true life. As we are only at the beginning of this evolutional step you might not find what you looking for in others. It is a path, a decision fuelled by your inner wisdom and strength, by the core of your true self. And when did you last consult your inner wisdom fo rhelp? Your connection might have become a bit rusty. It might freak you out to listen to yourself. The path you want to follow might appear like a minefield and might mean to risk loosing some of what you accomplished. What for? For a destiny that is only promising in a far future? For true love, that might only trap you, might turn out to just be as wrong as the love you have? For going your way, something you never did before? 

That‘s where some of us take the decision to follow the path they have chosen. And it is still good and easy. It fits like a well worn pair of jeans. And then you start disliking your jeans. But you feel you have come so far – even farther than before – and you just can‘t go back.

Well, you always can. You always have the right to choose your path. To do what you want and dream of. 

Sonnenblume gelb grün

Even if you chose the right path to your particular mountain top, you are not save. It then might happen that life asks you to prove yourself – and it feels like loosing it all. When all it is is just the next step on the ladder. 

Why am I telling you all this? Personal development is getting harder. Harder because you might not know what you are capable of. You might even know what life requires, wants, offers. Still you just can‘t – cannot because you don‘t know, or because you are afraid. Or – and that‘s a harsh thing – life reminds you of a trauma and you freeze. An old but open wound that leaves you immobilized. Then do not seek help to overcome the obstacle. Seek help to overcome the state of shock or fear you are in. Because life you can handle. 

I am telling you this because

You don‘t have to loose it all. 

Just let go of the baggage you don‘t need, the old fears, the idea that you are meant to being alone. 

You don‘t have to manage it yourself. The strength is there as is the guidance. But it is important to have a network of loving supporters and helpful like-minded people. So go out looking for your path, do what needs to be done and keep your eyes open for those people doing the same thing. You might one day call them friends, or family.