General information

ALESSANDRIA Essences are frequency essences destined to heal the human web. 


Your potential, everything you are and shall learn is stored inside your web. Your net is an open invitation to develop fully. Your network is an invitation to develop fully. 

You get promoters and support, family, own assets, inner and outer bonds. Milestones have also been set, but there is plenty of scope in between. 

There are an infinite number of networks and each one is unique in its details. The basic structure is the same for all humans and animals: 10 threads and two superconductors, 12 areas and one core. 

Why Alessandria? 

Alessandria (Italy) is the place where the Gates were opened to the potential that years later led to developing the essences. The first essences came into being under a working title while the name made itself known only after all their particulars, their core, their heart had been specified. 

Why now? 

There are so many influences – broken families, radical changes in society, manipulation, constant stress and so forth – that the number of intact webs kept shrinking. With the help of these essence this is going to change for the better.