Alessandria Essences

ALESSANDRIA Essences are frequency essences destined to heal the human web. 

General Information

Alessandria Essences affect all areas of your personal web and re-establish the order it should be in.

Basic components

Alessandria Essences affect all areas of your personal web and re-establish the order it should be in. 

Basic components
1. Help and concentration: The Alessandria Essences help you to recognise the solution and to concentrate on what you need.
2. Protection: The Alessandria Essences protect against a repetition of negative events as far as feasible.
3. Learning experiences: experiences one needs to learn and develop are not blocked or deleted from the web. Necessary realisation is enabled so that it can be 100% integrated into your system. 

4. Connection and belonging: The Alessandria essences establish connection and belonging with the true companions. 

5. Love and gratitude: The cornerstone of every Alessandria Essence, because it is in harmony with the Divine work. In love and gratitude everything is alright. 

Whom are Alessandria Essences for?

Alessandria Essences were made for all living beings. For children we recommend using a Special Blend of Alessandria Essences to dilute the alcohol required in the production process. 

Can children use Alessandria Essences?

In principle, yes. For children, we recommend using a Special Blend, as it dilutes the alcohol required in the production process. 


Alessandria Essences heal your soul web with the frequency of the heart. Each individual follows a divine plan. Upbringing, disease, trauma, and many dark factors block or disturb the plan. With the essences, both adults and children are being aligned with who they really are. At the same time the essences help to close the gap between the actual and the target by enabling, accelerating and stabilising the development. You get help and access to your full potential. 

What hinders you?

The main hindering influences are constant overload, broken trust, trauma, catastrophes and loss.
Followed closely by fear, bad experiences, negativity and illness. 

In third place are social pressure, upheavals and the development of our senses and abilities.

Between children and adults a major factor is the developmental change: children are completely different from adults and need new, almost forgotten values such as truth, protection, congruence in being, thinking, feeling and doing. Lack of knowledge is the main reason for a lot of unnecessary pain. 

Another area where knowledge is the key is the interaction with the Finer World and Nature. Alessandria Essences open the doors to the knowledge required.

An intact web is necessary for you to be happy. healthy and stable.

What is a stock bottle / vial?

A stockbottle is a small bottle that holds 10 ml of contents. The cap contains a pipette with which to easily remove drops from the bottle.

A vial holds 2ml of liquid and looks like a perfume sample. 

What is vibration / frequency?

A frequency is what a pendulum describes. A vibration is the basis for life. They spread as waves or information. Vibrations here is used synonymously for frequencies.

What is a special blend?

A Special Blend is a mixture of a maximum of 13 different Alessandria essences. What is needed for preparation:

  1. Alessandria Essences
  2. empty 125ml dropper bottle
  3. Water and brandy in a ratio of 3:1

Mix water and brandy in the dropping bottle. Then add one drop each of Alessandria Essence. Use a maximum of 13 different essences. The mixture can be extended 2 times. Fill the bottle with water when you have used up half of it. Take 3x9 drops of the working mixture throughout the day. Last intake just before going to bed. 

Can the essences be combined with medication?

Alessandria essences are an accompaniment, the intake is safe in principle. Coordinate the intake with us. Do not discontinue any medication without consulting your doctor. 

Important note

We work hand in hand with doctors. Inform your doctor about the visit and the intake of Alessandria essences - this is a reasonable approach. A therapy at Web Grace goes hand in hand with orthodox medical treatment and must not replace it. In acute, severe or life-threatening situations, seek medical attention immediately. The energetic support and the intake of Alessandria essences is preventive, supportive or additional. We are obliged to point out that we do not accept any liability for damage caused by delaying a visit to the doctor or information from this website or its use in everyday life.

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