About me

May I introduce myself? I’m Dr. Verena Radlingmayr, and when I speak about your individuality I don’t want to change you, I do want to help you make the most of your framework. I care about people and am convinced that individuality makes people healthy, happy and successful. That individuality is an energy that has a positive effect on the well-being of other people. 

As a creative mind and result-oriented consultant, I have one goal: to make every person aware of how incredibly valuable they are. That is why I even work with the youngest, because even children can forget that they are the absolute best. I hope that soon every child, every person will know their value, will put what they have in common before what separates them and will understand that individuality and community are symbiotically connected.  

I have studied law, speak three languages, have this practice and write books, all because individuality is preached by many but rarely understood.

I hold two degrees (Mag. Dr.) and am the first academic in my family. I am the first (and only) student of law whose second supervisor to her dissertation taught at Graz University of Technology. I was press spokeswoman of the ÖBB board, assistant to the only scientifically recognised witch, the managing director of Solid Sol Nicola Wohlgemuth, and worked as an HR specialist in a tax office, where I learned how differently numbers people tick.