My Vision: C4 power for everyone

emc4success: energy, magic and coaching for harmonious states

Once upon a time, energy was consciously used to keep body and soul healthy and live in harmony with nature and its inhabitants. emc4success brings this delicate energy back. 

Once upon a time, people believed in magic, in the power to shape their lives according to their heart’s desires and thereby open the doors to greater things. This magic returns with emc4success.

Once upon a time, the magic of hearts was a fact, and C4 the power of hearts. emc4success revives this power.

Now is the time to use the old gifts in a new way, and thus retrieve the key to your personal success. Now is emc4success. Charisma, power, fortune, health – it is only when these are paired with the power of the heart that a life in harmony becomes reality. For this energy to flow, there is emc4success. 

emc4success brings harmony for life, health, relationships and work. 

Me and you

Only when you have recognized yourself, you have the greatness and maturity to dedicate yourself to others and to build strong relationships . emc4success supports a clear picture of yourself and a harmonious collective.


In order to build bridges, harmonious communication is a prerequisite, whether in a dispute, in everyday life or at work. emc4success helps to ensure that the whole remains intact, that people continue to understand each other or get along again. Understanding and communication go hand in hand. emc4success promotes harmonious communication for success, love and relationships. 


Like every energy needs C4 polarity: Love and gratitude, I and you, alone and together, man and woman. emc4success clarifies which power needs to be lived in what moment. 


Harmony leads to healthier decisions and a healthier life. If harmony is missing, body, mind and soul become ill. To help your system recover, emc4success supports the process on all 4 levels: Body, mind, soul and spirit. 

emc4success and Web Grace boost harmony in life, love and career. emc4success is the consulting area, Web Grace provides products and the Guild.