Certified knowledge

Ongoing training: 

∙ Resilience in Children exposed to Trauma, Disaster and War: Global Perspectives

An extension of my specialization in children and trauma.

Completed university education:

∙ Master’s Degree in Law Karl-Franzens-University Graz, The Copyright Directive of the EU and its Importance for Austria

∙ Doctorate studies in Law Karl-Franzens-University Graz and Technical University Graz, Biotechnology and Software Patents

∙ Università degli Studi del Piemonte Orientale, Alessandria, Italy. Erasmus studies, science political.

My legal education has taught me how to acquire a great deal of knowledge by myself, how to structure it and how to apply it to each individual case. A strength from which clients benefit and which simplifies further training for me, in self-study or in courses.

Completed continuing education:

∙ Certified NLP Practitioner – NLP for kids, Judy Bartkowiak, co-accredited by Sue Knight
∙ Dr. Thomas Müller and Gustav Stendal: HR and Profiling (imh) ∙ Data protection and employee monitoring, LindeCampus∙ Better vision without glasses – IBBU Lieboch
∙ Annual Dialogue on Labour Law, Prof. Mazar and Wifi Vienna 

∙ Dr. Thomas Müller, Profiling (imh) ∙ Remuneration systems in tax consulting firms, Stefan Lami
∙ Annual Dialogue on Labour Law, Prof. Mazal and Wifi Vienna

∙ Organisational Behaviour and Human Resources, Uni For Life, Very good. 
∙ Information Medicine – Dr. Noemi Kempe
∙ Scanner book club, Barbara Sher

∙ Time tracking basis with NTCS

∙ Application of traditional diagnostics and bioresonance therapy in cosmetology, Dr. Dimitri Tichomirov
∙ Epigenetics – The Unexpected Power, Dr. Noemi Kempe

∙ All courses at Solid Sol, up to teaching the basic course myself. Examples: Basic course, dowsing course, special courses, sorcerer’s apprentice, colours, energetically fit, and many more.

Dr. Anita Johnston – Eating Disorders
Trauma: books and online resources, psychological journals, articles on brain research and trauma or PTSD
Education and training (in addition to practical experience)
Children, child development and advancement, stages of childhood