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Children: Sure, mannered and strong. 


Even children suffer from anxiety, stress and depression. Those who don't still yearn for explanations and guidelines. Being strong is to prevent negative choices . Being true to your self and following your inner code of ethics is what emc4success Coaching for Children ist about. And as learning is supposed to be fun, too, this program is called 'Knights and Ladies'. 


Knights and Ladies Coaching supports clients up to the age of 18 with NLP techniques and approaches from science to discover their innate talents and stick to their own truth. Children and adolescents learn to use their gifts sensibly and become their best self. In order for them to enjoy the process, it's called Blue Castle Magic Institute. 


What do knights and damsels mean ?

Knights are courageous, helpful, loyal, stand by their word, serving, bold, adventurous, daring, compassionate, straightforward, understanding, ready to fight, upright, honest and reliable. 

Damsels are curious, ready to break new ground, creative, versatile, able to connect the most diverse, cross-border, unpredictable and wise when it comes to showing the adequate aspect of self at the right time. A knight has parts of a damsel in him, and vice versa.


Therapeutic areas

  • Manners, heart formation and inner strength

  • school problems

  • Eating habits that are no longer healthy - these are topics where help is good.

  • Mobbing


More answers can be found in our courses at the Blue Castle Magic Institute. Ask us, we can arrange courses for children if there are enough participants. 


Phone: +43 699 15019756 mail_ info@emc4success.com skype: dr.verena.radlingmayr

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